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Here What Your Future Peers Have To Say

Feedback From Members During One Of Our Vault Mastermind Sessions
"You MUST be investing in masterminds & personal self-improvement programs like this if you want to grow your business."
- David Carrol
“The opportunity to connect with highly experienced & talented people that truly care about business growth in the Vault is second to none. They become family.”
- Drew Griffin
“My biggest takeaway is how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded people. Often we only see the "wins" instead of what it really takes to reach the top”
- David Calafiore
“I've been able to establish new relationships with people in different verticals, as well as confidential conversations that have helped me immensely .”
- Winter Valko
“This has been the best investment I have made in myself and my company, bar none.”
- Ross Brezovar
“The benefit of collaboration and support you receive from like minded people is incredible.”
- Rob Moser
“If you’re interested in a path to success, that's great. If you’re already there that's even better, because this is a group you want to be a part of.”
- Craig Darling

So What Exactly IS The Vault?

As a former fighter pilot let me explain what a “Vault” is. Within each squadron there is a secure area that is normally behind two locked doors where special access codes are required. Behind these fortified walls we could openly discuss information without the fear of it being overheard or shared publicly. You can imagine what is shared. In my pilot days, this is where all of the Top Secret materials were stored and we had the ability to talk freely to each other.

Our sessions and conversations will be looked at in the same way, affording the security and sanctity to openly share within our sessions, meetings, and events. We are focused on upgrading our lives, relationships, and businesses, while serving and positively impacting the niches we serve.

Executive Retreats

One of the highlights of the Vault are the Bi-Annual US and International retreats.

These events are designed to not only work on the business but forge new relationships through activities and events.

Bring Your Partner

If you have a C level business partner there is an option to add them to the group at a discounted fee.

One of you will become the primary member in case of an exit or dissolution of the partnership.

Stay Accountable

This program is designed for each of us to follow our own mission and core values while holding the others accountable for theirs.

Each quarter we will review and adjust our objectives and goals based on data.

Here's Who This Program Is For

We’ve been successfully running this program for the past several years and have identified the best candidates meet the following requirements:
Those who already have an established business of at least 2 years
You have an annual revenue of at least 500K in your business
Willing to open up and share or learn from peers without ego
Growth-oriented with a strategy in place for new customers
If you're interested in the program, but still have questions, I would love to hear from you! All you have to do is submit your survey and we'll reach out for a quick conversation to see if this is a fit.

Meet Your Facilitator -  Jeff Herschy

I'm a former USAF F-16 Instructor Pilot turned entrepreneur. After experiencing a career ending back injury in 2007, I started working online and created my first digital agency in 2008, working with local business owners.

I'm a husband, father, international speaker, author, and the creator/co-founder of several products, software platforms, and tools designed to help internet marketers, local business owners, and digital service agencies.

Using my eight year military flying background, I focus on developing proven and repeatable systems that use easy to follow step by step processes to ensure we consistently bring in new clients using the power of automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of me as a member?

We want you to succeed and get the most out of this program! So we expect you to attend the monthly calls, engage during the masterminds, interact in Slack, and respond during the weekly check-ins so we can provide as much value as possible. Your peers and I will be working hard to help grow your business together, like a pro team looking to win that next or first championship.

What does a standard call look like?

The first Wednesday or each month is when our live Zoom calls are scheduled for. All calls are 60-90minutes with most ending at the hour point. 

Hot topics and special presenter calls tend to run 75-90 minutes with a lot of discussion and Q/A. We will have a preset agenda posted prior to the call so everyone can come prepared to the call.

How does the signup process work?

1. Watch the video and send fill out the form.
2. I will review it to learn a little more about you.
3. If YOU think you are a fit, set up a meeting.
4. If we talk and it's a match, we're all set.
5. Or if you're ready now, simply activate and join!

What is the monthly time commitment?

We have 1 call a month, ranging from 60-90 mins, depending on the topic and if we have a special guest. Calls normally end right at 60 mins with Post Meeting Action Items agreed to each month based on our conversations during the Zoom call.

Who runs this thing?

I personally handle all calls and agendaes, and if you ask ANY member, I run a TIGHT SHIP! The invoice / billing will from Jeff Herschy brand under my primary company, Viper Consulting, LLC.

What does a standard call look like?

All members sign an NDA to be able to share freely with the agenda is published approx 5-7 days prior to the monthly call. This allows us to cover any admin and jump right into the topics.
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